Emotion Driven Behaviors: Working with Skittish Dogs

This is the first webinar in our Fall Series on Emotion Drive Behaviors. In this webinar, we will discuss working with skittish dogs.

A variety of challenging behaviors stem from the emotions our dogs experience as they maneuver through the stressful situations of life. Our new webinar series on emotion based behaviors will focus on how emotions influence the concerning behaviors we see.

Beginning with shy or skittish dogs, every webinar in this series will focus on how to start changing these behaviors by first understanding how to address the emotion behind them.

We’ll break down the management required to prevent or stop the stress; talk about how to improve communication; and look at how to begin to change the underlying emotion, ultimately changing the behavior.
The GoodPup Webinar Series focuses on dog behavior topics designed specifically to help anyone who works at rescues and shelters.
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